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Universal Health & Wellness Center has the top doctors and the most extensive chiropractic and rehabilitation facilities of any chiropractor in Manassas VA. Why does the facility matter? In particular for chiropractors in Manassas VA, other doctors have not invested in state-of-the-art technologies, such as for ultrasound and nonsurgical spinal decompression. By having more treatment equipment and techniques available, our doctors are able to speed your recovery and pain relief.

Those Manasses residents that suffer from back pain have one of the latest and most revolutionary technologies in back pain treatment available with non-surgical spinal decompression therapy at Universal Health & Wellness Center. Non-surgical spinal decompression utilizes a sophisticated medical device that employs motorized traction to relieve back pain. Universal Health & Wellness Center leads the Manassas VA chiropractor community by investing in this technology, by investing in one of the most advanced spinal decompression devices available on the market. It is our commitment to the Manassas community by having the most advanced medical devices available for chiropractic treatment in the Northern VA region.

Need to Find a Chiropractor in Manassas VA?

Dr. Kevin Reiman and is one of the most trusted and respected chiropractors in Manassas VA, Prince William County and Northern Virginia. Along with the Physical Therapy Director, Raul Aguilar, both are fluent in Spanish. They have both served the Manassas VA community throughout their careers in Virginia's leading chiropractor and physical therapy center: Universal Health & Wellness Center.

Relieve Your Pain, Manassas VA. Reclaim Your Lives!

The Manassas chiropractors at Universal Health & Wellness Center think about pain in a different way. Instead of enduring pain helplessly, we take the initiative to eliminate the pain that interferes with your enjoyment of your life. By using advanced scientific research, the most advanced medical treatment technologiess, and our passionate staff of creative and progressive health care professionals, we have dedicated our Manassas practice to serving the chiropractic and physical therapy needs of the community.

Life Is To Be Enjoyed, Manassas. Let Us Improve Your Life!

To relieve your pain and reclaim your life, contact the most prominent chiropractor in Manassas VA, Universal Health & Wellness Center, for your consultation at (703) 366-3199.

We have clients that come from throughout Northern Virginia: Bristow, Centreville, Chantilly, Haymarket, Gainesville, Manassas, Woodbridge.

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